Zaena and Jason Maek Drop New Album – Freshman Vol.1 [VIDEO PLAYLIST]

Zaena and Jason Maek Drop New Album – Freshman Vol.1

(CHICAGO, IL) – It is safe to say the time off Zaena x Jason Maek took was well worth it. After taking two years away from music, their sophomore album is receiving rave reviews.

The seven-track album provided an in-depth social critique of the current collegiate system. The duo’s risk of infusing live instrumentation, sonic intricacies, and hip-hop delivery into the album has resulted in their strongest work to date.

“We did not know what to expect. We just made something we enjoyed and hoped a few others would too”, says Jason Maek. “Zaena and I worked on music for over two years in our little place and pieced together songs we thought all fit together.”



There is another chapter to the ‘Freshman’ project as vol.2 of this series is scheduled to be released in 2019. “We have a lot of music to share”, says Zaena. “ We structured Freshman to be more like a long-running tv series than just a single album or two.” According to Zaena “

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