Prodigy Mural Taken Down After Second Defacing

Prodigy Mural Taken Down After 2nd Defacing

It was a beautiful mural dedicated to Prodigy on the morning of July 6th.  Across from the Queensbridge projects, Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare a.k.a. Eli-Eos, painted a portrait of the late QBC rapper on the side of Urban Upbound’s building on 13th street and 40th Avenue.

Unfortunately, the mural was vandalized less than 2 days later. White paint was thrown on the wall. A clear sign of disrespect.

The artists then spent the weekend repairing the tribute. Hours later it was just like new.

Love over powers the hate shine god🕯The devils😈 never gone stop us big bro @prodigymobbdeep fuck the haters…… they miserable gzzzz #Riphnic🕯They despise us…… cause they not us smh #leeches #Bums We are…. who we are #infamousmobb #mobbdeep #im3 #lovenloyaltyboys can’t stop greatness #facts💯 u in heaven ⛅ these niggaz still mad my g 🤣 Everything happens for a reason #queensbridge🔫 #suckerfree If u condone……. sucker shit…… u a sucker too #rns💯 #12street They working back on my homie “infamous mural” after niggaz violated……. but they really violated…… there self…… that’s why they angry & worthless #skumbags back to my regular schedule #nittydagod #nyc Rest in power king we love u🕯🕯

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But then it happened again. People woke up Saturday the 8th to see Prodigy’s mural vandalized once more. This time, red paint.

Now, according to XXL, the Urban Upbound building mural will be permanently covered.

I personally hope no one thinks they ‘won’ in this situation. With or without the mural, Prodigy is gonna stay in people’s hearts. Fuck a wall. No matter what beef there may have been, let that shit rest.


Rest in peace Prodigy.




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