Princeton Hip-Hop Symposium

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Princeton Hip-Hop Symposium
Princeton University’s Cornel West, rapper Talib Kweli, and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters of California join a panel of hip-hop artists and academics to explore the role of hip-hop in America

– Jeffery Johnson, Black Entertainment Television (BET)
– Rosa Clemente, hip-hop journalist, activist and community organizer
– Bakari Kitwana, author, freelance journalist, former editor-in-chief of The Source Magazine and co-founder of the first National Hip-Hop Political Convention
– Talib Kweli, hip-hop artist
– Cornel West, Princeton University Professor of Religion
– U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, Democratic representative of California’s 35th District
– Maria McMath, Princeton University PhD candidate in anthropology

Principal Organizer:
Michael Rudoy, Princeton University Senior

(Oct 6, 2006 at Princeton University. Organized by the Princeton student group “Hip-Hop: Art & Life”, in cooperation with the national Center for American Progress)
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