Lupe Fiasco – Live One Take Performance of “Mural Jr.”

Lupe Fiasco – Live One Take Performance of “Mural Jr.”
Lupe Fiasco Performs “Mural Jr.” Acapella

Lupe Fiasco’s discography is both literary and lyrical. The Chicago MC is known for weaving historical references and fictitious characters through his thought-provoking bars, and the new ‘Drogas Wave’ is a concept album about the transatlantic slave trade. On it, he imagines fallen victims, tossed off ships during Middle Passage, as survivors who thrive in an underwater world. Heady stuff. For his live performance of “Mural Jr.” we took him underneath NYC’s Williamsburg Bridge for a shoot that nods to the ‘Drogas Wave’ theme. There’s a clear view of the East River waters next to the downtown Manhattan walkway ‘Lu prowled while rhyming a cappella. His inspired take on the track (the sequel to the ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ original, “Mural”) gains extra emotional clout by insightfully incorporating the local landscape. Hold up!

Director: Kyle Goldberg
Producer: Kyle Goldberg
Editor: Kevin Rose

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