Daylyt Recaps The $100,000 Nick Cannon Battle That Didn’t Go Down

Daylyt Recaps The $100,000 Nick Cannon Battle That Didn’t Go Down
Leading up the Wild ‘N Out event in Los Angeles on June 25, Nick Cannon made an open challenge for a big-money battle, where he and an opponent would put up $100,000 each with the money going to the winner’s charity. Canadian battle rapper Charron accepted the challenge, but wanted the money to go to the winner, as selected by a panel of credible judges. The two traded bars, but ultimately Cannon declined the offer, saying they were looking for a bigger draw. Cannon continued to call out anyone and everyone for the event, including battle rap’s final boss, Eminem.

It seems like that bigger draw was never found, because instead of the touted $100,000 battle, Cannon instead joined into the end of a battle between popular battle rappers/castmembers Conceited and Hitman Holla.

In an interview with editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell, Daylyt recaps the event and says the battle itself was solid and that Cannon held his own after jumping in.

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